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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

May All Be Loved...Healed...Sheltered...and Free From Pain

Every Wednesday night its the same thing. I generally forget (conveniently) that it is Wednesday and then around 9:00 p.m. Robin informs me that its shot night.  AHHH!!!!  I have to fill a syringe from the bottle and inject it into my leg.  They say you can use the stomach but yeah, no WAY am I going to do that.  People tell me its no big deal and painless but I'll stick to the leg, thank you very much.

I'm in a good mood today. I've been listening to Michael Buble and Frank Sinatra and singing at the top of my lungs.  I sat at the piano and made up a few songs and played some old ones.  I spent time with the cats and enjoyed the sunshine on my face for a brief few moments.  My pain levels are tolerable but in 12 hours I'll be curled up on the couch in the fetal position with a bucket next to me just in case and a cool cloth on my head. Robin comes out and checks on me frequently during the night and he knows that getting up in the morning is going to be really hard for me.

I'm still waiting for my blood work to come back that will tell me if I can start the new medication this weekend.  I'm nervous because I have no idea how my body will react.  

I tried calling my Dad throughout the day today.  He has no idea of my battle and he doesn't need to know.  Besides, he will forget anyway - Alzheimer's will see to that.  But I like to hear his voice the day I take my medication.  It grounds me and prepares me for the next 42 hours.  

As I take on the next day I am reminded that the day after is not far off.  I will drink lots of water, keep my head down and try to watch movies most of the day if I can.

May all be loved.
May all be healed.
May all be sheltered.
May all be free from pain.

May I be loved.
May I be healed.
May I be sheltered.
May I be free from pain.

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